Electro Swing Club Vol.1
27 May 2013 |

Electro Vintage Revolution Vol.1

Electro Vintage Revolution Vol.1
Release Date
27 January 2014
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////////// ENGLISH //////////

Coming from breakbeat, electro jazz, nu funk, house, ghetto funk, broken, hiphop, beatmaking, & more…

17 producers have played the game, have put their vibes and their very own flavour to produce these 17 remixes from the Tour Eiffel Rec past years releases… A kind of familly affair, reloading the vintage sounds of the past jazz/soul/funk/swing sounds, with electronic treatments & global beats warming !

Big names or newcomers, all of them have made this album possible, crossing over the genres and the frontiers….
Featuring : Rory Hoy, Skeewiff, Ursula1000, Renegades Of Jazz, Jayl Funk, Zamali, Voodoocuts, DJ Rebel, Dedy Dread, S.O.A.P, DJ Suspect, Prosper, DMIZE, Adam Polo, Le Blues du Robot, Typoboy, Chronotriggers, DJ Oli Garch.

////////// FRANCAIS //////////

Un hommage aux années Ye-Ye françaises par Typoboy & Chronotriggers

////////// TRACKLIST //////////

01. A Dizzy Saved My Soul (Rory Hoy remix)
02. Shake Your Tits (Skeewiff remix)

03. Le Ultrasonic Grand Empire (Ursula1000 remix)

04. Run Run Run (Jayl Funk remix)

05. Le Quizz (Zamali remix)
06. Supermarket Freaks (Renegades Of Jazz remix)

07. Cumbia En Do Menor (Voodoocuts remix)

08. Jazz A Gogo (Dj Rebel & Dedy Dread remix)

09. Le Ultrasonic Grand Empire (S.O.A.P & Dj Suspect remix)
10. Contre Vous (Prosper & Rory Hoy remix)

11. Brand New Motivation Freaks (Dmize vocal remix)

12. Stop ! (Prosper & Adam Polo remix)

13. Hello I Love You (Le Blues du Robot remix)

14. Cumbia En Do Menor (remix)

15. Jazz A Gogo (Typoboy & Chrono Triggers remix)

16. Ye-Ye (Oli Garch remix)

17. Shaken Oasis (Barjomatic remix)

Electro Vintage Revolution Vol.1
27 January 2014 |